Inception of SkinKraft

SkinKraft is an offering from Chaitanya Nallan, Sangram Simha And Veerendra Shivhare, the three founders of IncNut. Having communicated with readers through the company’s lifestyle media platforms StyleCraze and MomJunction, they realized that most women were not happy with their skincare products.

There was a dire need for better, safer and more effective skincare products designed for every woman’s unique skin. Thus, they decided to launch SkinKraft, India’s first dermatologically approved customised skincare regimen. Over 10,000+ hours of research across India, Japan, & Taiwan went into laying the foundation of what was to come. Eventually, SkinKraft also launched customized hair care products and immunity-boosting supplements.


Chaitanya Nallan

Co-Founder & CEO


Sangram Simha

Co-Founder & CMO


Veerendra Shivhare

Co-Founder & CTO

Our Values

At SkinKraft, we believe in delivering the best and most effective customized experience to our patrons. Our highly dedicated team of dermato-cosmologists, pharmacists and pharmaceutical engineers are working around the clock on the product formulations. We deeply understand the requirements and concerns of our precious customers. Hence, the formulations are made with international quality ingredients and go through the most stringent standards for testing and safety procedures. We also do not believe in animal testing and are a cruelty-free brand.

Why Choose SkinKraft?


SkinKraft goes beyond measure to produce the best quality skin care, hair care and nutrition products. This includes collecting premium quality ingredients and going through the painstaking procedure of testing the safety, suitability and effectiveness for every unique type of skin, hair and immunity.

During the testing process, varied groups of users are closely monitored for up to or over 28 weeks. Our expert team waits for the groups to show promising results before launching any product into the market.

Besides, every product we formulate is free from hazardous chemicals that may cause harm to your skin, hair and health. The list includes all the primary and secondary harmful chemicals such as Paraben, SLS, SLES, Phthalates and BPA.

How SkinKraft Works?

We understand that your skin, hair and health depend on various factors in your life such as your current lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping patterns, exposure to pollution, etc. Thus, our medical and pharmaceutical experts have prepared a clinically approved questionnaire that includes all the necessary questions to understand your current beauty and wellness requirements.

When you take our quiz, your answers help us analyse all the aspects of your skin, hair and immunity. Our medical experts personally look into your answers and provide the best possible solutions for your beauty and wellness concerns. The products are suggested based on the current status and concerns of your skin, hair and immunity.

This procedure is specifically designed to save our customers from spending a fortune on their beauty care and wellness.
SkinKraft also offers follow-ups to check the progress of your condition. The follow-ups help us keep a track of always-evolving beauty and wellness needs.

Awards And Recognition

Customized skincare, haircare and nutrition is the future of the beauty & wellness industry, because customization does not leave any space for trial and error. It provides you with accurate solutions for your individual problems. SkinKraft being the pioneer of customized beauty in India, is loved and appreciated not just throughout the country, but also across the globe.

The unique initiative, quality of the products and customer satisfaction have fetched multiple praises and recognitions for SkinKraft. In 2019, SkinKraft was awarded the prestigious Cosmopolitan Beauty Award. This year, we received the Vogue Beauty Award 2021, which added another feather to our cap.


Cosmopolitan Award:

Best Breakthrough Product


Entrepreneur Award:

Best Beauty & Wellness Start-Up Of The Year


Vogue Beauty Award 2021

Join The SkinKraft Family

Your skin, hair and body are different from others. So should be your skincare, haircare and immunity regimen. To explore the whole new experience of customized beauty and wellness products, join the SkinKraft family. Take the SkinKraft quiz today and get your set of personalized beauty and nutrition ranges at your doorstep!